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Finding the right Marine Mechanic schools in Bloomfield, CT can certainly be a challenge. Our mission at is to assist individuals in choosing the right trade and selecting the program that meets their circumstances. By entering your zip code in the space below you’ll be given a list of programs from our directory that are in your area and eager to help you to get started! We suggest that you get free information from as many as five schools so that you are familiar with what all of the schools can provide you.

Things to look for at Marine Mechanic Schools in Bloomfield, CT

marine mechanic schoolsThe following is a list of essential things to think about when you’re looking for which program you will ultimately decide to attend. Not all of these items will be relevant to every individual, however, they are all well worth looking at.

Industry Reputation

Most vocations are either regulated by, or unified by way of a 3rd party organization. For people in the Marine industry, this organization is the Association Of Marine Technicians. When you review schools, be sure you determine if they are affiliated with the Association of Marine Technicians.


Another important thing to consider is the breadth of each school’s curriculum. When you do some research you’ll discover schools that have a very narrow focus. This might be ok in many cases. Training programs with narrow specialization are ideal for students that have already got the groundwork built, or for professionals looking to become specialists in a particular field they currently work in. For individuals hoping to become a Marine Technician for the first time, finding a program with a broad curriculum spanning all areas of the profession is very important.

Hands on Training

marine technician trainingThe most useful training a future Marine Technician can receive will come from actually working in the field. Theory and regulations can be learned through training books in a classroom, but actually doing the job is essential. One of the ways training programs provide you with real life training is by offering internships and every training program that offers an internship program need to be placed high on your list.

Student Teacher Ratio

With any program you choose you should understand the student to teacher ratio. The reason for this is rather simple; smaller classes result in more individual attention and teaching. The bigger the class size, the less likely it can be for you to get substantial one-on-one time with the teacher and that’s where you will become familiar with the specifics of becoming a Marine Technician.

Online Classes

It is a possibility to take a few Marine Mechanics classes online, but as we mentioned above, it is very important to receive practical experience. For a handful of individuals the only way to get going is through online Marine Technician courses, but it is important to have planned on attending actual physical classes for the majority of the training.

Graduation Rate

One more factor that is often unnoticed is a training program’s graduation rate. This info ought to be easily available to all potential students. If the rate is lower is it due to the fact the coursework is too demanding, or is the program obligation beyond what most students estimated? Lower graduation rates can mean a lot of things and since your mission is to finish your education and start a new career, it is worthwhile for you to know whether or not a training program provides a high rate of graduates.

Recommended Marine Technician Schools in Bloomfield, CT

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Marine Mechanic Salary in Bloomfield, CT

Marine Technician can earn a wide variety of salaries from State to State. As reported by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics the median Marine Technician salary in Connecticut is $47,160. By comparison, the nationwide average as of May 2012 was $37,140.

Career Outlook for Marine Mechanics in CT

Prior to taking the time to undergo any form of vocational education you will want to make certain there will be job opportunities available once you are prepared to start looking for work. The following information is from and displays projected job growth for Marine Technicians through the 10 year period 2010-2020.
State and National Trends

United States Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2010 2020
Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians 20,800 25,000 +21% 960
Connecticut Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2010 2020
Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians 380 430 12% 20
1Job Openings refers to the average annual job openings due to growth and net replacement.

As you can see the forecasted job growth for Marine Technicians in Connecticut is 12%. Is this encouraging enough for you? That is a question you will need to ask yourself. If you are willing to make the next step, just input your zip code in the space below and check out the Marine Mechanic schools near you. Good luck with your quest!

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