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Finding the ideal Marine Mechanic schools in Americus, GA is often a challenge. Our objective at is to guide students in choosing the right vocation and locating the training program that matches their needs. The easiest and quickest way to locate Marine Mechanic training programs in Americus, GA is to simply provide your zip code in the box below where you will be given a selection of excellent training programs that are available for you immediately! Unless you know what training program you want to go to, it is a good plan to obtain materials from as many schools as possible to help you examine what each one to offer and make certain you pick the training program that is ideal for you and your situation.

Things to Consider at Marine Mechanic Schools in Americus, GA

marine mechanic schoolsBefore you select a training program, be sure you have analyzed the following important factors. A couple of these points may not apply to your exact situation, but they are all worth thinking about.

Industry Reputation

Each vocation has an organization that is regarded as the authority within their industry. For people in the Marine industry, this organization is the Association Of Marine Technicians. As you examine training programs, you’ll want to determine whether they are affiliated with the Association of Marine Technicians.


Another important thing to think about is the breadth of each school’s curriculum. You will find that a handful of programs generally have a more specialized focus. In some instances this could be fine. Incredibly specialized programs can be great for individuals who have already got some training and are planning to concentrate on a very precise sub-career. If you are a brand new student with no experience in the industry you hope to study, it is advisable to look for a program that can teach you about all facets of the profession.

Hands on Instruction

marine technician trainingAs a Marine Technician the ideal instruction you will acquire will be the things you learn about while performing your job. In the classroom you can learn theory and regulations, but nothing can beat getting your hands dirty and really performing the work. That is why, any school you consider should preferably give you some kind of on-the-job instruction.

Class Sizes

Class size is quite important in relation to learning and should always be a consideration. The reason for this is simple; smaller classes equal more individual attention and instruction. The larger the class size, the less likely it can be for you to get vital one-on-one time with the teacher and that is definitely how you will become familiar with the fine details of becoming a Marine Technician.

Online Classes

It is possible to take a few Marine Technician classes online, however, as we mentioned previously, it is very important to receive hands on experience. For a handful of students the only way to get started is via online Marine Technician classes, but it is essential that you have planned on participating in actual physical classes for the vast majority of training.

Graduation Rate

Last but not least, you should make sure to learn from each school what their graduation rate is. If a program can’t or won’t provide you with that information, look further. If the rate is below average is it mainly because the training is too demanding, or is the program requirement more than many students expected? As someone considering spending money on a training program, you need to understand why others have failed.

Recommended Marine Mechanic Schools in Americus, GA

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  • Automotive Technician (11-Month Diploma Program)
Locations: Morrow

Marine Technician Salary in Americus, GA

Marine Mechanic can earn a broad range of wages from State to State. As of May 2012 Marine Technicians in Georgia earned an average of $34,450 per year. How does this compete with Marine Mechanic wages across the country? The BLS reports the average annual salary across the country was $37,140.

Marine Technician Job Outlook in GA

Before you take the time to undergo any type of vocational training you’ll want to make certain there are going to be jobs available when you are prepared to start trying to find work. The chart below is from and displays a comparison of State and National job growth trends for Marine Techniciansover the 10 year period 2010-2020.
State and National Trends

United States Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2010 2020
Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians 20,800 25,000 +21% 960
Georgia Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2010 2020
Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians 500 620 24% 30
1Job Openings refers to the average annual job openings due to growth and net replacement.

As you can see the estimated job growth for Marine Mechanics in Georgia is 24%. Is this appealing enough for you? That is a question you will need to ask yourself. If you’re willing to take the next step, just submit your zip code in the space below and have a look at the Marine Technician schools near you. Good luck with your career!

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