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The process of deciding on a Marine Mechanic school in Palo Alto, CA can certainly be time consuming and hard. was developed to help connect individuals with mechanic schools that can help them down the path to prosperous careers in their particular industries. If you are all set to start searching for training programs, simply insert your zip code into the box below to receive a list of Palo Alto, CA schools in your area! Unless you already know what school you plan to choose, it is a wise decision to get materials from as many schools as possible to help you evaluate what each school to offer and make certain you select the training program that is best for you and your situation.

Things to Consider at Marine Mechanic Schools in Palo Alto, CA

marine mechanic schoolsThis is a list of important things to take into account when you are selecting which training program you will ultimately decide to enroll in. Some of the items on this list might not be important to each individual, but this is a good list to start from.

Industry Standing

Most vocations are either governed by, or unified by a 3rd party organization. For individuals attending Marine Mechanic schools this organization is the Association of Marine Technicians. When you are searching for schools, you should make sure that the training programs you check out are in good standing with the Association of Marine Technicians.


Make sure the school you’ll enroll in includes a wide-ranging curriculum. As you seek information you’ll discover programs that offer a very narrow concentration. This will be great for some students. Perhaps you already possess a little training in the occupation and are now planning to specialize in a unique area, in this situation choosing a training program that is extremely specialized is acceptable. For people planning to become a Marine Mechanic for the first time, selecting a school with a wide-ranging curriculum spanning all facets of the profession is really important.

Hands on Instruction

marine technician trainingThe most effective training an aspiring Marine Technician can receive will come from actually working in the field. In the classroom you can study theory and guidelines, but nothing can beat getting your hands dirty and really performing the work. Due to this fact, it is especially important that the training program you choose offers extensive hands-on instruction as a portion of the curriculum.

Class Sizes

With any school you choose you will want to be aware of the student to instructor ratio. Smaller class sizes frequently equate to a much more personalized learning experience. The less people in the class, the more likely you will be to receive face time with your instructors.

Online Classes

It is possible to take a few Marine Technician courses online, however, as we stated earlier, it is really important to acquire on the job experience. Many programs provide a selection of Marine Mechanics classes online, but we recommend only taking them when they focus on theory or regulations.

Graduation Rate

Finally, you should make sure to learn from each school what their graduation rate is. If the rate seems low to you, find out why? If the rate is below average is it mainly because the coursework is too difficult, or is the time commitment greater than most students expected? As someone contemplating spending money on a training program, you should understand why others have been unsuccessful.

Recommended Marine Technician Schools in Palo Alto, CA

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  • Automotive Technician (11-Month Diploma Program)
Locations: Sacramento

Marine Mechanic Salary in Palo Alto, CA

Marine Mechanic earnings will vary from State to State. The median Marine Technician earnings in California is $43,890 according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. How does this compete with Marine Mechanic wages nationwide? The BLS reports the median annual salary nationwide was $37,140.

Marine Mechanic Job Outlook in CA

Before taking the time to proceed with any type of vocational training you will want to make certain there will be employment opportunities available when you are able to start seeking work. The table below is from and illustrates a comparison of State and National job growth trends for Marine Mechanicsthrough the ten year period 2010-2020.
State and National Trends

United States Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2010 2020
Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians 20,800 25,000 +21% 960
California Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2010 2020
Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians N/A N/A N/A N/A
1Job Openings refers to the average annual job openings due to growth and net replacement.

As you can see the projected job growth for Marine Mechanics in California is N/A. Is this appealing enough to suit your needs? That is a question you will need to ask yourself. If you’re wanting to make the next step, just submit your zip code in the space below and have a look at the Marine Mechanic schools near you. Good luck with your career!

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