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Deciding to embark on a new profession can be hard, locating a Marine Mechanic school in Woodburn, OR doesn’t have to be. was developed to help connect individuals with trade schools that can help them on the path to productive careers in their chosen industries. The easiest and fastest method to identify Marine Mechanic programs in Woodburn, OR is to simply enter your zip code in the field below and you’ll be provided a variety of excellent programs that are available near you right away! We recommend that you get free information from as many as five schools to ensure you are informed about what the various schools can offer you.

Things to Consider at Marine Mechanic Schools in Woodburn, OR

marine mechanic schoolsWhen researching training programs there are a handful of important points to look at during your search. Not every one of these points will be important to every individual, but they are all well worth thinking about.

Industry Standing

Most vocations are either governed by, or unified by way of a 3rd party organization. For individuals in the Marine field, this organization is the Association Of Marine Technicians. It is a good idea to check into each schools’ reputation within the Association of Marine Technicians.


Make sure the school you plan to attend includes a wide curriculum. You will see that a handful of schools generally have a more specific focus. This will work ideal for some students. Training programs with limited specialization are good for students that have already got the groundwork built, or for professionals hoping to become specialists in a industry they currently are employed in. If you are a new student that has no experience in the industry you wish to study, you will need to find a training program that will teach you about all aspects of the vocation.

Hands-On Training

marine technician trainingThe best training a future Marine Technician will get will be from actually working in the field. In the classroom you can study principles and regulations, but nothing beats getting your hands dirty and really doing the work. Because of this, any program you consider should preferably have some type of on-the-job instructing.

Class Sizes

Class size is very important in terms of learning and should always be a feature to consider. The reason for this is rather simple; smaller classes mean more personal attention and teaching. The larger the class size, the less likely it can be for you to get substantial one-on-one time with the teacher and that is definitely where you will become familiar with the specifics of becoming a Marine Mechanic.

Online Classes

Practical instruction is very important at Marine Mechanic programs so most online courses are usually not the best choice. Many programs offer a selection of Marine Technician classes online, but we recommend only taking them if they cover concepts or regulations.

Graduation Rate

Another item that is often disregarded is a program’s graduation rate. If a training program is unable to or will not supply that data, drill down. If the rate is below average is it due to the fact the curriculum is too demanding, or is the course obligation beyond what most students expected? Lower graduation rates can indicate a lot of things and given that your aim is to finish your education and start a new occupation, it is beneficial for you to understand whether or not a program produces a high rate of graduates.

Recommended Marine Technician Schools in Woodburn, OR

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Quick Fact
In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma*.
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Marine Technician Salary in Woodburn, OR

Marine Mechanic wages will differ from State to State. As of May 2012 Marine Mechanics in Oregon earned around $38,320 per year. By comparison, the national average as of May 2012 was $37,140.

Marine Technician Job Outlook in OR

Before you start any type of vocational education, you should find out if there are going to be jobs available near you. The following information is from and shows estimated job growth for Marine Technicians over the 10 year period 2010-2020.
State and National Trends

United States Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2010 2020
Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians 20,800 25,000 +21% 960
Oregon Employment Percent
Job Openings 1
2010 2020
Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians 150 180 0% 10
1Job Openings refers to the average annual job openings due to growth and net replacement.

As you can see the forecasted job growth for Marine Technicians in Oregon is 0%. Is this encouraging enough for you? That is a question only you can answer. If you’re willing to make the next step, just insert your zip code in the space below and take a look at the Marine Technician schools in your area. Good luck with your quest!

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